“Grief isn’t an active emotion. It isn’t something you do. It’s something that happens to you.”

Title: The chaos of standing still

Author: Jessica Brody

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

My expectations for this book were through the roof. From the moment I saw this book and learned what it was about, I couldn’t let it go anymore. So, when I was in London and I saw this beauty in a store, I couldn’t not pick it up. And believe me: I was not left disappointed.

We follow Ryn, a girl trapped at the airport, just like all the people who can’t get to their destination because of the snowstorm. But for Ryn not being able to get home is even more annoying. It’s New Year’s Eve and for Ryn that means one thing: her best friend has been dead for a whole year.

But to make all of this worse, she accidently swaps her phone with someone. Losing her phone feels like the end of the world, because on that phone is still an unread message. The last message Ryns best friend send her, but Ryn refuses to open it, because
then she won’t ever hear from her best friend again.

She finds herself in a rollercoaster when she meets the boy she swapped phones with. He’s trying to make the stiff Ryn feel more free, but Ryn’s still stuck between holding on and letting go.

This idea alone blew me away. I think it’s a great concept and I’ve never heard of something even close to this one. This book could go so many ways, there were so many options, but Jessica Brody chose, with no doubt, the right ones that really surprised me, actually!

There was only one thing I was scared of: the phone swapping thing. The first thing I thought of when I read that was: oh please, no stereotypes! But I must say that this book did this well. It stayed really original and there was nothing stereotypical about this book, which is a big plus for me.

This book is told through three timelines, which was probably difficult to write, but while reading I had no problem to follow. All three of the timelines (before her best friend’s death, after and the night at the airport) were interesting and actually added something to the story, without being boring.

Another thing this book did really great, was grief. As someone who’s lost a best friend in a car crash before, I related to Ryn really really much. The portrait of grief Jessica Brody gave us felt so realistic that it felt like it could’ve been me she was writing about. And while Ryn learned lessons about grief, I did, too.

Not only the grief felt that real, I felt like I could wake up with the characters standing right next to me. Ryn met some interesting people in this night and that only makes this story even better. They made this serious book a little lighter, a little funnier. There were times they had me laughing out loud.

But something that really captivated me, was Jessica Brody’s writing style. From the first page I fell in love with it and I was married to it even before it was close to an ending.

This book stole my heart from beginning to end and when it gave me my heart back, there was a piece of this book in it and I will keep it right there. I’m gonna give this new favourite of mine a well-deserved 5/5!


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The Chaos of Standing Still - Jessica Brody
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