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Mr Bingley's Dashed Expectations

Sprawled in one of the comfortable leather armchairs of his London club, Charles Bingley absentmindedly stared into the tumbler of brandy he was enjoying, ignoring the idle talk of the other gentlemen boasting of their latest amorous conquests and various other 'sports' in which they excelled. 

He loathed the disrespectful manner in which his friends discussed the young women of their acquaintance. Admittedly, he had not been very different from them in the not so distant past. He had been in love, or so he had thought himself to be, many times, but after umm... a 'dance' or two with the object of his passion in a private room well away from the ballroom, his admiration always decreased rapidly and the fluttering sensation in his stomach that he felt upon seeing or thinking of the lady in question simply ceased.

Often enough the expression out of sight, out of mind appeared to be quite appropriate. Not this time though - not since he had met Miss Jane Bennet of Longbourn, Hertfordshire. From the very beginning of their acquaintance at the Assembly hall in Meryton, this angelic young woman had dominated his thoughts. Upon his word, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld and whenever he thought of Miss Bennet -- which was almost constantly the case -- he forgot entirely the real world surrounding him. In his head he could still hear the soft sound of her voice coming from her sensitive mouth. He remembered the becoming blush that appeared on her cheeks and how modestly she had cast down her fine eyes when he smiled at her.

He enjoyed the memory of her uncommonly pleasing figure. He so longed to unpin her golden hair; it had seemed soft as satin. Her natural scent mingled with the subtlest hint of lavender almost drove him wild with desire and had made him dislike even more the perfumes with which his sisters so abundantly sprinkled themselves. Inadvertently he sniffed the air, as if it would help him to recall the fragrance better. 

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