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Nightmare in Central Park

Nachtmerrie in het Park is vertaald in het Engels: Nightmare at Central Park. Bovendien is er nog een kleine redactieslag uitgevoerd en zijn diverse verbeteringen in deze versie doorgevoerd n.a.v. recensies. Gratis download via Smashwords:

The story is inspired on one sentence of a lyrics of Alicia Keys: 'A pocketfull of dreams' (Made in Manhattan).

A girl of 17 haunted by a horrific nightmare, branded for life. A family torn apart; the mother with morbid habits, a spoiled little brother and a father with macabre interests. An enigmatic ad with a dark secret. A boy and a box with mysterious contents. The lurid price: a life for a life ...

The fat fingers of the grey morning fog let go reluctantly of their prey and whirl up in the air that’s warming up. The early spring sun is still hiding behind the tops of the oak trees in the middle of Central Park. They are the remains of the prehistoric woods that were chopped away because of the building of new luxurious houses. She remembers the remarks from her father when they arrived at their new home. ‘What a creepy view.’ He had teased her and had laughed at her. ‘It looks like a place in the old days where they used to have satanical rites.’
Used to? Had he sensed IT coming? Had he know what would happen to her? What was waiting for all of them? Why didn´t he act upon it?
Frightened she sees the long shadows of the trees on the grass. Like iron bars hiding something in the park. She is terrified of the park, afraid of what´s hidden there. She fears for when the truth will be found out. The shadow of the tree tops falls over the canal that streams around the park, it colors the water black. The wrought-iron gate that gives access to the park is wide open. Like the maul of a monster awaiting his next victim. She feels a cold shiver along her spine and has to force herself not to jump back.

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