2012: what really happened

2012: What really happened

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2012 was supposed to be a special year: the Maya calendar ending, prophecies foreseeing the end of the world, and galactic cycles coming together in December, which happens only every 5000 years....
But what did it mean exactly?
When we compare life before and after 2012, do we notice a clear difference?
In this book, five individuals from different walks of life, ages, and nationalities tell about what 2012 was for them, month by month and conclude by answering the question whether 2012 was special for them.
Meet those five women. Bodil is a Norwegian Financial Officer, mother of three, grandmother of three, slightly introvert, philosophical, curious, and creative. Nike is a German social economist, educator, and carpenter who aims to see the world with her heart and lives and reasons accordingly. Netta is from the Netherlands, a retired nature lover, bird watcher, mother of two, and grandmother of four. Deniz is a mother of two from Istambul, who works on her career as a journalist. And last but not least, Haldis is a clairvoyant healer and a therapist in Norway.
4 nationalities, 5 women, 12 months, Find out!
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22 april 2016

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