As Far As the World Stretches


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Nothing is what it seems This story starts in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, where an attack is committed on the life of the director of UNBI (United Bureau of Investigation).He was summoned to testify at the International Criminal Court in the trial of an international criminal organization. As an investigator, Lémarc Tasker has been assigned to investigate the attack, and he starts an unprecedented, fierce, international manhunt to find the perpetrators. During the manhunt he has to deal with all kinds of strange twists and turns and gets help from an unexpected angle: a woman! Just a woman? Or is there more? Because if so, then who is responsible for this chain of special events with dazzling moments? Will he (and the reader) succeed in unravelling the mystery surrounding the attack?


Thrillers & Spanning
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Martin Meijer
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05 november 2020
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05 november 2019

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