Chobits, Vol. 5


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If a persocom's memories are stored on a hard drive, are they real? After all, a hard drive can simply be erased. This question has been driving Hideki mad as he searches for his kidnapped 'com, Chi. Hideki has always maintained that persocoms are just machines, but his heart tells him that there's something special about Chi, and he can't let her come to harm. As Hideki and friends follow the kidnapper's online footprints to his lair, a mysterious duo keeps watch on the proceedings with great concern. Chi has proven once before that she holds the potential to be quite dangerous, despite her innocent exterior. Should her self-defense mechanism activate again, it could prove even more destructive. The clock is ticking, both in Hideki's search for Chi and Chi's search to complete herself. +

Fantasy & SF
Chobits (Vol. 5)
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15 april 2003

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