Crimson Bite

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Savannah Danvers is concerned with one thing: keeping her life as a blood-sucking, human-killing vampire a secret. But as the memories of her latest kill cloud her mind, she finds herself on werewolf land during a full moon. After she stumbles upon a bloodbath, Savi must decide if she's willing to risk her life to defend the treaty enacted centuries ago by the town's Elders.

George Alcott's insidious past has remained buried for far too long, but when tragedy strikes, he must tap into his birthright. As his dark magic consumes him, he risks everything to save a lost soul. Now, haunted by demons he thought no longer existed, George must enlist help from an unruly ally and former love.

With the town's Elders close to discovering their monstrous secrets, Savi and George must cover up their crimes before they too are burned at the stake.
Fantasy & SF
Hillcrest Supernaturals
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10 december 2018

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Hillcrest Supernaturals #1

door: Ursula Visser 1 like
This is the first book I read, written by two authors. The first chapters - while introducing the characters and the story - feels like the authors need to get used to writing one book together. Having said that, after page 70 I couldn't put the book down. Time is taken for the built-up, which is...

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