Death Comes But Twice

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Who would want to murder a man who is already supposed to be dead? London, 1893 When doctor James Carlyle is given a dead body to investigate, he makes a shocking discovery. Innovative fingerprinting techniques reveal the dead man was Artus Skuja. But Skuja was hanged a year ago… Carlyle discovers that his new friend, local preacher Matthew West was present at the hanging, and seeks out his help in solving the mystery. And when more deaths occur, it seems a larger plot could be at large. What really happened to Skuja? Who covered up his death? And why was he targeted after his escape…?

Thrillers & Spanning
Carlyle + West (02)
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21 augustus 2020

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This story takes place around 1891 in London. Dr James Carlyle is a hospital surgeon who specialises in mortuary science. Together with police inspector John Jennings he also investigates the new French theory about the uniqueness of fingerprints. His daughter Adelaide is his assistant. She’s a...

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