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I'm going to take Gianna for her very first time.
Hell, I might even fall in love with her for MY very first time.
I know it from the moment I first lay eyes on her seductive curves.
And I know...I will do all it takes to make her mine.

I’ve been a divorce lawyer my entire adult life. It’s lucrative, but draining. And after one too many bad experiences with a client, I know I need to change my life.
Moving to Los Angeles seems like the perfect fresh start…especially when I meet Gianna, a sexy aspiring actress.
Falling in love with her is easy.
And I will do all it takes to make her mine.

I’m sick of being treated like a little kid by my rich parents.
When there’s a chance to seize control of my own life, I take it immediately. Running away to Los Angeles to become a famous actress sounds like the stuff of dreams, but I’m determined to make it a reality.
Especially when I meet Barnes, a sexy lawyer-turned-director. The moment I saw him, I was instantly wet.
He's everything I've ever wanted - but never had. I can’t stay away from him.
But when outside forces throw a wrench in our happiness, I know I have to act fast to keep the love of my life.
Will I find a way to keep us together? Or like so many things in Los Angeles, will we just wind up drifting away, heartbroken?

The Impossible Series (2)
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06 januari 2018

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