From Geek to God

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Something different! A romantic comedy with action, humor, some geeky nerdy stuff, mild erotic and the most interesting Christian fantasy you will ever read! The book touches back to the 60's highlighting a lot of the old 60's and 70's Rock-N-Roll. Based on real-life experiences. The first 60% is true, but there is a Yellow Brick road type of fantasy journey where the main character meets a series of people out of the Bible that educate him about his life, what happens after life and a very interseting fact about Hell! You love Tommy because he has a heart of gold, he is a funny class clown and encounters a strange childhood in S. Calif. After high school he went on a road trip that is unbelievable and bizarre, but true experiences. After that he fell in love and had to get a job, with no education he bluffs his way into a high paying job, there he finds his inner genius and makes worldwide developments. Soon enough he is a master Geek! This eventually causes him loss of love and the ability to be social. He gets in an accident and has a yellow brick road type of journey where he meets characters and has an outer body experience, what happens after that you must read to find out! By the way, if you met Jesus, would you argue with him? Tommy did
Literatuur & Romans
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