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Next of Kin


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Thrillers & Spanning   Topics 0
On an ordinary working day....

Leila Syed recieves a call that cleaves her life in two. Her brother- in- law's voice is filled with panic. His son's nursery has called to ask where little Max is.

Your worst nightmare...

Leila was supposed to drop Max off that morning. But she forgot.
Racing to the carpark, she grasps the horror of what she has done.

Is about to come true...

What follows is an explosive, high-profile trail that will tear the family apart. But as the case progresses it becomes clear there's more to this incident than meets the eye...

A gripping, brave and tense courtroom drama, Next of Kin will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final, heart-stopping page.

Thrillers & Spanning
Aantal pagina’s
Laatste editie
02 september 2021

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