Return to Honour


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Captain Vlora is one of Adro's finest powder mages - disciplined sharpshooters who can control bullets and explode gunpowder with a mere gesture. Yet an illicit affair has lost her the favour of Field Marshal Tamas, her commander and the closest thing she has to a father. As the invading army of Kez pushes deeper into Adro's territory, Vlora finds herself on the sidelines. Yet when news emerges of an escaped traitor who is planning on selling military secrets to the enemy, Vlora is tasked with hunting the man down. Failure will not only put her beloved country at risk, but may lose her the goodwill of Field Marshal Tamas for ever . . .


Fantasy & SF
Powder Mage (1.5)
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01 januari 2015
Laatste editie
06 januari 2021

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