The Russian Revolution, 1917


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Rex Wade here presents a new history of one of the pivotal events of modern history, combining his own long study of the revolution with the best of contemporary scholarship. Within an overall narrative that seeks to provide a clear account of the revolution, several new approaches are introduced: the political history of the revolution is recast and the complexity of the October Revolution is stressed. Wade clears away many of the myths and misconceptions that have clouded studies of the period. At the same time he gives due space to the social history of the revolution and incorporates people and places all too often left out of the story, including women, national minority peoples, and peasantry front soldiers, enabling a richer and more complete history to emerge. The story is narrated with pace, verve, and exceptional clarity; the chronology, maps and illustrations give further support to the reader. +

Cambridge University Press
Eerste editie
01 januari 2000

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