The Wrong Christmas Carol

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Matchmaking is a tough job, even for guardian angels. It should have been a simple Christmas task: answer nice, old Mr. Shepherd's prayer for his favorite tenants. Gabby D'Angelo and Dr. Mike Archer were perfect for each other--destined to meet eventually, anyhow. Just sprinkle some matchmaking magic on them--slow down their busy lives so they finally noticed each other. That's all Jack, their guardian angel, had to do.A little mistake in heavenly calculations means Jack has to wing it, and the lucky couple is about to get a lesson in love and miracles.

Gabby stared at the beautiful baby the officer placed in her arms. It was a newborn, not more than a few days old. Why was the officer handing her a baby he'd found in her stolen car--he assumed it was hers? She almost blurted out that question, but the baby shifted and waved its arms as it slept. On one was a hospital bracelet. Gabby smiled with relief. The bracelet would identify the real parents. She turned it to read the information. Her neighbor Mike bent his handsome head beside hers, so he could see, too. Carol. The baby's name. She'd been born right after midnight on Christmas night. Gabby stared at the parent's names. Mike inhaled sharply. Gabrielle D'Angelo and Mike Archer.

Fantasy & SF
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