When We Were Sisters


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The vanity had a cupboard beneath it, where a small shoebox waited for us. For a brief moment, I imagined my grandmother placing it there like a clue for a treasure hunt. I passed it to Charlotte. She hesitated, then opened the lid, revealing a letter inside…

When Jayne Winters learns that she has inherited half of her grandmother’s oceanside estate in North Carolina, she is stunned. It’s been twenty years since she visited Woodsong Harbor, but Jayne can still remember the taste of saltwater taffy on her tongue, the tangy scent of the ocean blending with freshly baked pastries in the air. But there is a catch: Jayne must spend the next six months renovating the house with her estranged sister, Charlotte.

Arriving at the gorgeous but crumbling Victorian house, Jayne is transported back to the one magical summer she and Charlotte spent there and hopes that maybe this can be a fresh start. But it seems Charlotte doesn’t share the same wish, and her frosty demeanor leaves Jayne feeling lonelier than ever. Luckily there are other people in town she can turn to, not least the handsome local fireman Logan, who understands only too well what it’s like to have your family torn apart.

With Logan’s help, Jayne feels brave enough to confront her sister and start to mend the years of silence between them. But just as it seems like they may be able to have a relationship after all, the sisters discover a letter that reveals the truth about their parents’ bitter divorce. As sides are taken and tensions build, it seems their grandmother’s dream of reuniting Jayne and Charlotte may never come true.

Will one heart-stopping final discovery drive them apart forever, or can the two sisters find it in their hearts to forgive the past and finally heal the rift between them?

An emotional and life-affirming story about sisters, secrets and forgiveness, from the bestselling author of The Lighthouse Keeper. Fans of Mary Ellen Taylor, Robyn Carr and Mary Alice Monroe won’t be able to put this down.

Literatuur & Romans
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11 augustus 2021

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