Hello, I am Gwen

Hello, I am Gwen

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The writer and mission

The author of the book "Hello, I am Gwen" is Barbara Veer. From her background as Professional Coach and Experience Expert in the field of High Sensitivity she has written the book 'Hello, I am Gwen'. A book written for (high) sensitive children and all other children, who can use a helping hand, instead of about them.

Her mission is to use this book to grow towards a new adventure, where children can become more powerful from the inside. What makes them to be able to stay true to themselves and stand with more confidence in life. In order to then be able to make their own choices in this trust and natural confidence.

As more and more children become aware of themselves and their intuition and dare to trust and act on it more, this development could spread like oil spills! Because children who dare to be themselves also become an example for others ... for other children, but also for adults:)

The fact that the book 'Hello, I am Gwen' is now embraced and read by the young and old, has turned out to be a very different development. Especially for parents, professionals and other supervisors of children. This has to do with the essence of the book, namely, the 'inner child' and 'coming home to yourself'.

Parents and professional caretakers of children are the most important 'gateways' towards the children. They determine how much space a child receives to be able to be themselves and to make choices from the heart. Together we can create new preconditions, in which children are given the space to develop themselves in a natural way.
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