Always Forever


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In times of trouble, heroes arise!

The modern world has been transformed into a land of myth... a magical place where Fabulous Beasts soar on the air currents... a terrifying place where shapeshifting monsters stalk the cities....
Mankind's days appear numbered. The Fomorii prepare to resurrect their monstrous god Balor. The Tuatha de Danaan have plans of their own. The Brothers and Sisters of Dragons - our only hope - are scattered and broken after a terrible defeat.
Their last chance may lie in the great court of the old gods, reached by an otherworldly ship filled with fantastical and frightening creatures.
But if our champions fail, the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain will dawn - and the dark god Balor will usher in the eternal night.
Always Forever is the stunning conclusion of a powerful fantasy saga by one of Britain's most acclaimed young writers.

Fantasy & SF
Age of Misrule (3)
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Prometheus Books
Eerste editie
01 januari 2001

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