Blood to poison


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Seventeen-year old Savannah has always known the story of the curse that strikes the girls in her family: a curse of anger that turns their blood to poison. A rare few will rage and rage until it destroys them.

Savannah doesn't want to believe in curses, but lately it's becoming hard not to. Her simmering anger is increasingly hard to control. In search of a cure, she discovers that the street markets of Cape Town open to the Skadu, the shadowy underworld of magicians, healers and vuilwitches. Here, Savannah must fight to harness the power in her own blood. Perhaps for this girl, anger is not a curse - but a birthright.

An epic contemporary fantasy steeped in South African culture, this pulse-pounding story of feminism and magic is perfect for fans of Children of Blood and Bone and The Hazel Wood.

Young Adult
Fictie 15+
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10 juni 2021
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10 juni 2021

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