Death After Life: Week One Day One

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Ophelia Ransom wins an all expense paid Golden Ticket to the Azdromadarim Role-Playing Theme Park; a spin-off project based on the online game she loved so much. Between stopping a murdering extortionist, buying a Palace, snubbing the FBI, getting kidnapped, released, and meeting the man of her dreams, she is having the time of her life. But then the Game Master kills her: and reality takes a nose-dive. Because she doesn’t die...exactly. She becomes part of the digital game--and the game is not a game at all.
Week One, Day One
Ophelia meets the wonderful, offside people in her role-playing group inside Azdromadarim. Unknown to her, however, her vicious in-laws are trying to insinuate their way into her son’s life. Her quests says ‘find the heir’, but just how many are there when two different heirs are found and both of them are the right heirs? And who is the mysterious Frankenzoid? A NPC? A Player? And ‘Why oh why,’ Ophelia asks, ‘would the F. B. I. expect her to help them find missing people supposedly lost inside Azdromadarim?’ One thing, however, is becoming slowly clear to the players in her group; Magic? It could be real. Very real. If they don’t learn to treat it as real, Frankenzoid could make them dead--without possibility of resurrection.
Fantasy & SF
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01 februari 2019

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