Delayed Expectations


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‘Walking along the tow path, Myriam felt her spirits lifting. She'd always felt drawn to water.... As a young girl she had spent hours just watching the ripples and reflections. She felt as though the water listened.'
After the loss of their parents, Myriam and her sister, Rose, drew closer together, supporting each other through life's ups and downs. Now Rose is getting married, causing Myriam to feel unsettled and anxious. However, an encounter with a mysterious stranger who works on the canal begins to dominate her thoughts and she finds herself falling in love.
Myriam soon discovers though, that life doesn't always take the route planned as both sisters encounter obstacles to their dreams.
Will Rose's hopes of bearing children ever be realised? Will Myriam ever become the wife of the man she loves?
Delayed Expectations is a heart warming story about love and loss, and the patience and faith that are often required. Follow Myriam, her sister and their friends on their own journeys through life's delayed expectations

Young adult
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01 januari 2021

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