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Sixteen years her senior and a past hidden by secrets and lies should be enough of a reason to walk away. Instead, his obsession intensifies until he stops at nothing to have her. But will outside forces beyond his control keep them apart? Ex-military Irish paratrooper Conor Murphy, is the kind of man to stay away from. A hardened, rugged exterior hides demons that are too big to tame. Demons that can only be kept at bay by the adrenaline rush of the free fall. When he finds himself having to jump tandem with a tantalizing little spitfire, staying professional all of a sudden becomes the one reserve he didn't pack. A post-grad summer of European fun, is what free-spirited Ava Jackson is hoping will make her forget. Forget the pain of loss and betrayal that have followed her all her life. Seeing the sights and partying with her girlfriends are the only things this fiery redhead has in mind. That is, until she's tied to the lap of a very imposing and insanely attractive skydiving instructor at 14 thousand feet in the air. When fate intervenes and Conor saves Ava from a desperate situation, it only serves to fuel his burning desire for the young girl. But she's off limits and his unsavory past lurks just beneath the surface. Will Conor and Ava succumb to the magnetic force of forbidden love or will their age gap and hidden secrets, keep them apart forever? Freefall is an angst-filled, forbidden love romance that will have you searching for your very own adrenaline junkie hero. If you like burning hot insta-lust, a possessive love-struck alpha and sizzling age gap romance then you will love Freefall -Book 1 of Cassidy London's International Love series. Buy Freefall and leap into the unknown today!


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30 september 2020
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30 maart 2020

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