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Every haunted house has a story...

Veteran ghost hunter Simon Donatti knows that as well as anyone in the profession. He's been tasked with tackling some of the most haunted houses in America, and he's seen it all. Or so he thought.

When three boys go missing in a sleepy coastal hamlet, Simon is hired to investigate the old house on the hill overlooking the town, the last place they were seen before they inexplicably disappeared. He's not used to tracking down the living, but the job should be a walk in the park for him.

Except this house is different. None of his tricks work on it. It dogs him at every turn. Suddenly his world is turned upside-down when the spectral inhabitants of the house claim the boys for themselves, and refuse to give them back.

For this old ghost hunter, he's finally met his match. Battling for the boys' very souls, he has to team up with unlikely allies and use every bit of ingenuity he has to crack the case. But time is running out, and he soon realizes he's dealing with something far more sinister and dangerous than anything he's ever faced before...

Fantasy & SF
Haunted Hamlet (1)
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Eerste editie
01 januari 2019

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