Grow Your Own Cut Flowers


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'Grow your own cut flowers' distils everything Sarah Raven has learnt in five years of testing and cultivating the best possible cut flowers for growing at home. If you want to grow your own cut flowers, there could be no better guide in the world. 'Grow your own cut flowers' is for the flower arranger who wants to grow their own flowers, but has never gardened before, and for the gardener who knows how to grow their own flowers, but wants ideas to fill a house with their harvest. It demystifies the world of floristry, giving away all the insiders' tips on sowing seed, conditioning flowers and making simple, but stylish arrangements - a tied bunch, a large vase, a hanging globe and more elaborate party flowers. No alarming terms, complex procedures or slabs of wordy text here - 'Grow your own cut flowers' is written more like a cookery book with recipes than a traditional gardening book. With its honed instructions and bullet points, this book is designed to appeal to everyone who loves flowers and enjoying them in their home. Photography: Jonathan Buckley


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01 januari 2002
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18 maart 2021

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