I Will Remember


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After her life crumbles all around her, young widow Emma Clayton escapes Atlanta to an estate gifted to her by her deceased husband's mother. There, she hopes to come to terms with her grief and learn how to pick up the pieces of her reality.

But her new home is filled with history and secrets.

Instead of doing the soul searching she desires, Emma finds her mind immersed in another woman’s life…during another era.

The haunting images of the world of Elizabeth, a young woman who lived in that same estate during the Civil War, and her unwanted fascination with the estate's caretaker, a brilliant yet reclusive artist, Caleb Anderson, consume Emma.

Each time she is transported into the past, Emma becomes more confused as to why she keeps returning to Elizabeth’s life. She finds an unexpected confidant in Caleb, and for reasons she doesn’t understand, he’s hellbent on helping her navigate the implausible.

With her life hovering between a past she doesn’t understand and an uncertain future, Emma soon realizes the only way forward is to embrace the impossible.

Literatuur & Romans
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10 april 2021

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