I Wish You All The Best

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In an emotionally complex story about finding acceptance and redefining family, 18-year-old Ben is rejected by their parents when they come out as nonbinary. They’re taken in by their older sister, Hannah, who was also driven out by their conservative and judgmental parents 10 years earlier. Together they have to learn how to advance from estranged siblings to a true, caring family while Ben works to complete senior year at a new high school. And as Ben cultivates an art practice and receives the love and support of rediscovered family and of new friends, including handsome neighbor Nathan, they begin to come to terms with their trauma. Debut author Deaver portrays Ben’s reaction to the difficult situation, including panic attacks and anxiety, with care and empathy, and readers will be filled with joy and hope as Ben begins to grow toward self-acceptance. Ben’s voice shines through with courage and vulnerability as they learn, slowly, to feel valued and deserving of respect. A powerful illustration of the ways that compassion and love can overcome intolerance.
Young adult
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