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Finding her feet in the world of celebrity, Mysty is forced to acknowledge Daryl’s attentiveness, and begins to realise they are perhaps more similar than they are different. Her relationship with Donny comes to a head when it becomes clear sending her to LA wasn’t enough to save her from his dark connections. Daryl is more than willing to step into the void but the reality of the girl is far more than he was anticipating, and he finds himself on a learning curve similar to the ones she faces thanks to his contract...

The backdrop to these scenes are, despite wishing otherwise, Mysty’s introduction to the world of politics, and she realises that as both an asset and a pawn she’d better wise-up fast in a world that wants to possess everything she has – including her genetic make-up. The once-lost girl, who has so far captured the world’s imagination, adoration and respect, realises that with her growing fame, she has the chance to use her status for the greater good. Her days living in the shadows are gone – she has to step boldly into the light.

In this important stage of her journey, she realises that there is no protection in fame; the world of the spotlight can be just as ruthless as any she found in the shadows in Vegas with Donny. She must also acknowledge that her beloved mob boss is not the only man capable of making her heart race, when Daryl begins to get under her skin. She has to accept there is no one better placed to protect her. Could it be that despite their turbulent start, there could be anunderstanding between them?

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Infinity Squared (3)
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01 januari 2021

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