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They were the perfect couple but not all is as it seems.

Young married couple Gabriel and Chloe have a picture-perfect life. But when athletic Chloe suddenly drowns, Gabriel is left to grapple with the mysterious circumstances of her death. Brokenhearted, he pours out his grief in a bereavement group and is consoled by photographer Emma. While the two grow closer, Gabriel can t help but feel Chloe s presence everywhere he goes. And as revelations about Chloe slowly emerge, he begins to wonder, is Emma really that different?

From prize-winning and bestselling author Amelie Antoine comes a dark and evocative novel that will keep readers guessing until the final moments will Gabriel be able to move on with Emma, or will the mystery of Chloe s death consume him?

Thrillers & Spanning
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Amazon Publishing
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01 januari 2016

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