Jenna Chips is Ready for the Real World

Jenna Chips is Ready for the Real World

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Jenna Chips is on a tour guided by recordings left to her by her mom, whom she loved and cared for in the last years of her life before she passed away from cancer. Jenna has, at her mother’s instructions, come to visit her Aunt Margaret and cousin Joseph in Dublin. She meets Christopher who bonds with Joseph and the three of them attend a food market where, emboldened by her mother’s words, she tries exotic tastes. She meets and is photographed by John, who works for the Times. He urges her to take her own photos, lending her a camera as he senses her innate talent. But when he learns a few facts about her past, he mysteriously drops out of sight. Her next “assignment” is to go to Donegal and take Irish lessons, something her mother also did when she was young. Through her connections with the Times, she meets Daragh, a young man who needs photographs taken and offers to be her guide in local area. Through the recordings she learns more about her mother's past and the choices she made. Jenna also learns to make her own choices as she goes along and slowly, gradually starts her own life guided by her mother, friends and her father who she had never met before.
Feelgood , Literatuur & Romans
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Brave New Books
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16 januari 2020

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