Lady In Distress

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The Reformed Miss Langley Isabella was the Langley sister everyone worried about. Injured in the same accident that killed her parents, pain had changed her, forcing her to observe life from the sidelines, but after several months in a Clinic in Scotland she was no longer the meek and mild Langley. Now she wants to live her life, but to do so she must find out once and for all if the only man she has loved returns her feelings. If not, then she would step into society and no one would know she nursed a broken heart, because if pain had taught her one thing, it was how to hide her feelings. The Divided Mr. Fletcher Luke Fletcher straddled two worlds, and fitted neither. He'd amassed a fortune during his travels, but once back in England he struggles against prejudice and finds himself slipping back into his old life in service. Two people challenge his decision, and one of them is the woman he has loved his entire life, Isabella, a nobleman’s daughter who doesn’t seem to understand that she is above his reach. Isabella wants him to come out of the shadows and stand at her side, but to do so would be to deny her the life she was born to live. Luke knows he must walk away from her, but nothing can prepare him for the pain of giving up her love.

Literatuur & Romans
The Langley Sisters (3)
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27 september 2014

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