Moon Shot


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The list of people Dallas Longhorns manager Javi Flores hates is a short one, but sports agent Aerin Stone is right at the top. She’s bossy, arrogant, demanding, and she keeps sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t noticed that she’s sexy as hell, and he can’t decide what he hates more: the woman herself, or how much he wants her. Because as much as she drives him crazy, he can’t stop fantasizing about her.

Aerin Stone is tired of being strong. As a successful sports agent at the top of her game, she spends her days fighting for her clients. But she spends her nights nursing her broken heart, trying to put the pieces of her life back together after her divorce. She’s not looking for love, but when cocky, sex-on-a-stick Javier Flores offers her one night of incredible sex after a game of truth or dare, she jumps at the chance. For one night, she lets dominant Javi take over, and she’s shocked to find that letting the sexy, dirty talking single dad boss her around is exactly what she needs. With Javi, she doesn’t need to be strong. With Javi, she feels completely cared for in a way that both thrills and terrifies her.

Even though they both hate how good it feels, one night isn’t enough. Javi wants more, and they agree to see their attraction through until the fire between them burns out. But seeing a softer side of Aerin has Javi wanting her not just in his bed, but in his life. Which could be complicated, given that his life includes an ex-wife and an ongoing custody battle for his two daughters. Aerin doesn’t know if she’s willing to take another chance on love, especially with someone as complicated as Javi, but life might pull them apart before she has the chance to decide…

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