Mountains of Love
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Mountains of Love


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A story of memories, past loves and new adventures

Vivika, the high-flying, fun-loving hospitality professional from Between the Sheets, attends The Grand Reunion in the Swiss Alps. Here she had lived, loved and learnt with her fellow students three decades earlier. Vivika wonders whether her old flame, Bash will attend. More than memories are rekindled on the Mountain of Love. Vivika’s adventures take a turn for the worse when she is linked to an illegal trade network. Can she continue to believe in Bash, or is it time to smell the coffee? As circumstances unfold, Vivika encounters pain and gain, and sets out to write her own future.

Feelgood , Literatuur & Romans
Populaire fiction algemeen
Aantal pagina’s
Eerste editie
16 november 2021
Laatste editie
16 november 2021
9789403642086 , 9789403642109

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