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Between the sheets


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A story about life, lust and love Vivika no longer feels like her former bubbly self. She is stuck in a rut, overworked and exhausted. When a British naval ship docks in the port of Amsterdam, Vivika is compelled to attend a cocktail reception. She certainly isn’t expecting to be swept off her feet by the Captain of Her Majesty’s Ship Carlington, but a twenty-second kiss blows her mind and brings herback to living and savouring life again. When Vivika starts working for a luxury hotel chain with resorts in the Middle East, she soon realises she has joined a sinking ship. The owner, a prominent Arab businessman, at loggerheads with the management company, pins all his hopes and demands on Vivika. With an ego larger than the Burj Khalifa and a temperament more explosive than Vesuvius, His Excellency, General Salim, does not take “no” for an answer. He manages to stir her in ways she had never thought possible. With her loyalties divided between company and owner, Vivika plots her course. Following her true north, she negotiates the waves of passion, pain, and loss. Vivika’s journey of discovery brings her to encounter two very different men who capture her attention – and her heart


Populaire fiction algemeen
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Eerste editie
13 oktober 2021
Laatste editie
13 oktober 2021

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