New Views of Old News

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In this timely collection of stories, Jarrod Campbell further explores the absurdity and alienation of modern living and the extreme ways people try to deal with the repercussions. Here, a young woman realizes too late why not to put so much stock in fairy tale kisses; a man finds solace in nature while living in the city, doing a perfectly natural thing to unwind; a racist is inadvertently assisted in perpetrating a hate crime by an unwitting accomplice; and in two stories, an unnamed narrator much like the author laments about two different men and his attempts to understand situations about being gay in the twenty-first century. Over the course of twelve stories, loneliness lives side by side with the highest of hopes, desire corrodes to become disdain. Each offering is full of human longing and hubris, naked in black and white, for anyone to see and read.
Literatuur & Romans
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What a great discovery!

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Jarrod Campbell’s stories in ‘New Views of Old News’ are a joy for the senses and the mind and encompass a wide range of settings and style, always in tune with the intended mood and essence of the story: harsh, direct and confrontational, but also more symbolically poetic or ambiguously...

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