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Our Worlds

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For Ezzie, life has always been like folding a thousand paper cranes: if one studies diligently, perseveres through the greatest of adversities (i.e. Blythe), and contributes to the greater scheme, all will be well in the end.
Blythe, on the other hand, would quickly get bored, crumple the paper up into a ball, declare it to be a planet stuck in a decaying orbit around a supermassive black hole and start whooshing it around your head in an ever-decreasing circle until it inevitably smashes into your right temple… repeatedly. These two best friends may be linked for life but when Blythe comes back from a long journey, a disagreement arises that has them join forces to track down a tenured professor turned amateur cloud whisperer in search of his mysterious final manuscript.
They soon find adventure to be like a mythical castle: a dark and ancient place where the corridors are full of an academic’s infuriating riddles and the parapets are ill-advised leaps into darkness. Onwards and upwards they trudge, towards the highest room in the tallest tower where the mind is clearest and the eye reaches far. But will they be met by a fair-haired maiden or some dude in a wig named Gary?
Literatuur & Romans
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Brave New Books
Laatste editie
13 november 2019

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