Red Dawn Rising

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“Had she known that in a world of gods and mortals, she was a Titan?”

It’s the middle of the 23rd century, and life has never been better. But for those less privileged, things have never been worse. Torn from her childhood at just four years of age, Morgan has known only suffering. Her young life spent locked up with others just like her in one of many underground facilities known as Basements, where they’re used for torturous experiments so severe that many never make it out. And even those who do are never truly free of the horrors they have experienced.

After years of suffering, Morgan, whose eyes have turned a chilling metallic grey from the experiments she’d endured, is freed by the Rebellion.

Now known to many as Titanium, Morgan seizes the opportunity to inflict revenge for everything that was ever done to her and quickly works her way up until she becomes the leader of her own army, the Titans, named after their fearless metallic-eyed leader.
Young adult
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Austin & Macauley Publishers
Laatste editie
31 augustus 2018

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