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Deep in the mists of Glamisdoon, on an Island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland- where time runs differently and drips in the ancient and bloody legends of the Sirens and Selkies, lives 17-year-old Morgan Bonnie

Morgan is torn between the love of two men- the older enigmatic Henry Jones and the handsome young fisherman Jim the Viking.Morgan's adventure begins after a rip occurs in the fabric between dimensions. She is set the task of fixing it to keep invaders out who threaten the human race. In doing so she finds herself in the middle of an ancient war where her loyalties are divided between two old and dangerous enemies who have resurfaced after a five hundred-year absence.They have come to finish a war that began with the slaughter of her ancestors, the Sirens in 1532. A war that tests her allegiances to friends and loves, and threatens to end the human race and the re-birth of the Sirens.

Morgan uncovers the truth about the origins of life on Earth and why the conflict began. She also learns the startling facts about the role she has played in it, and is faced with making some terrifying choices when she discovers that for her, life and love isn't linear, and fate of her family and the two men she loves is solely in her hands.

Sirens, Blood and Brine is an action adventure story with a fantasy twist and a touch of humour. It's suitable for both teenage boys and girls.
Fantasy & SF
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