Stalking Tender Prey

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The Grigori are an acient race. Powerful people possesing abilities and senses humansvdo not have. They live on among us, their presence clear to thosevwho have eyes to see... For generations, the young lovers of Cresterfield pledged their vows at the High Place in Herman's Wood, part of the ancient forest above the sleepy hamlet of Little Moor. And still the magic remained untouched. The twins, Owen and Lily Winter, were different. From deep of the heart of the woodland, the spirits were calling there own... When a stranger comes to Little Moor, drawn by it's quiet and lonely beauty, the twins are the first to notice his influence. Incredible events begin to rock the peaceful life of the village - events that neither twin is able to control. But by now their lives are in thrall to the stranger- and everything he brings with him. Could this earthly form be a Grigori? And Little Moor the place he has chosen to return home...?

Fantasy & SF
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16 december 2019

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door: Yenca Van 1 like
I have very mixed feelings about this book. It is an intreging story about fallen angels living among us. Legends become real and history being formed by something bigger then us. The characters are very much alive. You can really relate to them. Just like the environment coming alive. What I...

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