The Bone Hunger

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Three and half years after a bizarre incident nearly derailed his life, Benjamin Oris is back on track as a second-year orthopedic surgery resident. With a son he adores, a circle of supportive family and friends, and a great shot at winning the Conley Research Grant, his future looks bright. But when the severed limbs of his former patients start turning up in Philadelphia parks, everything he’s worked for threatens to collapse. Covered in bite marks and bearing recent surgical implants, the hacked-off limbs heighten the anxiety among his already traumatized coworkers, many of whom survived a plane crash in Alaska the month before. Could someone they know be a killer? With the help of his CDC friend Laurette and her forensic-psychiatrist colleague, Ben must once again bury his skepticism and risk his career to uncover the monstrous force behind the gruesome murders. Before someone close to him becomes the next victim. *Although a standalone novel, "The Bone Hunger" is the second book in the Benjamin Oris medical thriller series, where a man of science gets caught up in unusual situations.

Thrillers & Spanning
Benjamin Oris (2)
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11 augustus 2020

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A Wendigo In Philadephia

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3 years ago, a horrid and freakish thread of events nearly derailed 2nd year resident Benjamin Oris’ life. He’s moved on since then and works hard to gain the respect of his superiors. He’s extremely happy to be chosen for the team of reconstructive surgeon dr Lock. On a winter walk with his...

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