The Eye thief

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He steals their eyes to make them see…

In London, victims are being abducted, only to be found stumbling around the streets. Blind. With holes in their head where their eyes used to be.

DI Erica Swift is caught between the stresses of trying to take care of a young family, a father with dementia, and a demanding job. Working for the Violent Crimes Task Force, she does her best not to let her work life encroach on her family, but it’s not always easy.

The case the papers have dubbed ‘The Eye Thief’ is a welcome distraction, though London’s residents are fearful of who will be next.

When one of the victims dies, turning it into a murder case, Erica and her team find themselves on the trail of a killer.

But a chance encounter drags a horrific event in Erica’s past to collide with her present.

The killer has one thing on their mind…

Thrillers & Spanning
DI Erica Swift ( 1)
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12 mei 2020

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