The Fairy's Tale

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Whoever said fairy tales were easy has never been a wannabe fairy godmother. The truth is, making dreams come true can be a total nightmare.

Bea is a cabbage fairy, the lowest of the low, but she dreams of becoming an actual, official Godmother. But no one at the General Administration will take her seriously – until now. When Bea is finally given a chance to prove her worth, she is determined to make a success of it. Sure, it's only a simple "Happy Ever After' story, but it's hers. And how hard can it be? Every girl wants to be rescued by a handsome man and get married, don't they?
Apparently not.

Bea's heroine doesn't want to be in her story. Things go from bad to worse when Bea realises her hero is much more interested in the ugly sister. The same ugly sister who is trying to overthrow the Kingdom. Suddenly, Bea must confront the fact that her characters are as real as she is - and just like her, they are determined to go their own way. The problem is, the General Administration takes its stories very seriously. If Bea fails to produce a Happy Ever After, she faces a fate much worse than being put to sleep for a hundred years.

Now Bea must figure out what Happy Ever After really means - and whose Happy Ever After she's prepared to fight for...
Fantasy & SF

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