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The Forgotten God

Amy H.
The rules are simple:

Gods do not interfere with the lives of mortals unless they are prayed upon.
Gods only interact with the people that belong to their pantheon
However, when the Norse Volᶌa, a seeress, takes pity on Teresa, a mortal who has tragically lost everything, and the forgotten Norse god, Birger, she defies these conventions. Believing that these two shattered souls can find solace in one another, she binds them together, disregarding the rules that govern their existence.

Soon, this fated bond blossoms into a love that consumes them both. Birger becomes willing to relinquish his eternal youth for the chance to be with Teresa. But rules are not easily disregarded. As Teresa becomes entangled in the brewing conflict between Asgard and Vanaheim, both having endured immense loss before, they face a daunting question: How much are they willing to sacrifice once again in order to hold onto each other?

Embark on a captivating journey of forbidden love and sacrifice in "The Forgotten God." This enchanting tale explores the delicate balance between divine laws and matters of the heart. "The Forgotten God" stands as a unique and compelling narrative that will captivate readers who crave stories of forbidden connections and the resilience of love.
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Deze thriller trekt je razendsnel mee in een complot met onbetrouwbare staatslieden met hun eigen agenda's, internationale conflicten en hoogoplopende bedreigingen voor de samenleving.

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