The game of Satori: the awakening


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The Game of Satori, a virtual reality escape game that hacks your mind--delving deeply into your subconscious, pulling memories, thoughts and beliefs to the surface that have long been suppressed. All in the name of Satori--sudden enlightenment. The winner will claim one million dollars and the promise of a new life.
Do you have the guts to see what's hidden there?
It's just a game... isn't it?

A new reality show is taking the nation by storm. Satori is a game of escape, only the rooms are not the typical one-hour affair. In Satori’s virtual reality game, players have five days to solve each room’s cutting-edge maze filled with physical, emotional, and psychological puzzles. All in the name of reaching Satori—translation: “sudden enlightenment.”

Produced by the infamous Jacob Novak, known for creating revolutionary technology that pushes the bounds of imagination and his half-brother, Gabriel, the iconic transformational guru whose personal growth platform ‘awakens your aliveness,’ Satori guarantees not only to alter the lives of the contestants through the supernatural rooms, but also the lives of those who tune in to watch.

Ellie, twenty-two, who recently embezzled money to help a friend escape deportation—and dodge her own eviction notice—finds herself on the run only to be randomly selected from an open call to the public: join the new game Satori. The prize is one million dollars and a get-out-of-jail-free card.

The game quickly becomes a heart-racing labyrinth through a series of psychological tests meant to break—or transform—each contestant. As other contestants struggle and fail, Ellie holds on through sheer desperation, knowing that her sanity and future depend on her tenacity to become the first survivor of Satori.

Young adult
The game of Satori (1)
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