The golden words


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These words are golden.
It came from a heart that was made after it was broken.
If your quiet you can hear the things that couldn't be spoken.
These thoughts are capable to go deeper than the ocean.

The golden words that came from a golden soul.
Sometimes we hold on to things even if we have to let it go.
If we dare to truly love, then we will know the unknown.
These golden words make you reflect on your life to see what has never been shown.

The golden words is a compilation of reflections on life. This book contains reflections on topics like love, hurt, hope, pain, inspiration, and more. It is written in the words of a 20 year old woman who is known for motivating, inspiring and uplifting others so that they feel valued and loved.
In, The golden words, Lian Verkerk focuses on poetically sharing her lessons, wisdom and thoughts with all. In hope of inspiring those who need a reminder that they are more capable than they think, that they are loved and that everything in life will fall into place.

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Brave New Books
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18 december 2020
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18 december 2020

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