The Last Day


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Experience a day in the life of Roberto, a young runaway who finds himself stuck and alone along the coast of Spain.

Let Roberto's thoughts become your own. Let his day and mind shape yours and let his sorrows become a part of you. For only then this tale will hold any meaning.

Embrace every moment, the good and the bad, for they all together shape who we are. There is no ideal way to live your life, but as long as you make your choices in the mindset of making yourself and the ones you care about happy, how will you ever be able to regret any of them?

If there is a single person out there who is touched by this writing, or even comforted by it, then this novella will have been worth the effort and the ink.

Literatuur & Romans
Literaire roman, novelle
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Brave New Books
Eerste editie
21 mei 2021
Laatste editie
21 mei 2021

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