The Professor

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The Professor is a classic English novel written by Charlotte Bronte.

This first novel by Charlotte Bronte was posthumously published as it was rejected by several publishing houses before. William Crimsworth, the protagonist, narrates his life story – his maturation, his loves and his career as a professor at a girls’ school. The school is run by M. Pelet, who treats William warmly and politely. When MIIe. Reuter, the headmistress of the neighbouring girls’ school, comes to know of his efficiency as a professor, she offers him a position at her school. William accepts the offer. He slowly falls in love with her, only to be shattered after overhearing a conversation about an upcoming marriage between her and M. Pelet. Frances, an ardent student who aspires to improve her intelligence, joins William's classes. William gradually falls in love with her as he starts tutoring her English. Who will the professor end up being with after all?
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