The Savior's Sister


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Leila Tūs Salvatíraas, Savior of Thessen and magical Queen of Her realm, is worshiped by all. Except Her father. He wants Her dead. The Sovereign's Tournament-a centuries-long tradition designed to select The Savior's husband-is days away, but Brontes's plan to overthrow his daughter ignites, shifting the objective of the competition from marriage to murder. With the help of Her sisters and some unexpected allies, Leila must unravel Brontes's network and prevent Her own assassination. But as the body count rises, She learns the deception runs far deeper than She imagined. When She finds Herself falling for one of the tournament competitors, Her father finds himself another target for murder. Can Leila save Herself and Her beloved, or is their untimely end-and the corruption of Her realm-inevitable?


Fantasy & SF
The Savior's Series (2)
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29 september 2020
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29 september 2020

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