The space between us


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If you knew you d leave this world so soon, would you do it all differently? Tick, tock . . . Workaholic Eve Hayes is burnt out and lonely. At the age of thirty-eight, she's afraid she has allowed the chance of a real and worthwhile life pass her by. Lilly Donovan got married too young and over the years she's become a prisoner and slave in her own home. Eve survives a horrific car accident only to be reunited with her old friend, Lily. A long time ago these two women were inseparable but the events of one terrible night ended their friendship abruptly. Now, eighteen years later, they have a chance to confront the past and reclaim their friendship. But Eve's brother Clooney is Lily's old flame and his presence threatens her already difficult home life. And Lily's husband, the looming omnipresent Dr Declan Donovan can only be kept in the dark for so long . . . All the while something is whispering into Eve's ear . . . tick, tock . . . +

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01 januari 2011

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