The treasure of the Visigoths


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In the third book of the Languedoc trilogy, tension has arisen betweenPhilip and Jackie. She is in Paris concentrating all her time and energy on her new TV series.

She tells him he will have to live his life on his own for the next three months at least. Is this the way it will always be in the future?

So Philip is left in Rennes-le-Chateau working on the half-ruined castle they are buying. However, if she has no time for him at present, there are two other women who, for their own reasons, are more than willing to take her place. He is faced with the problem – is his future happiness to be found with one of these lovely ladies?
Also his excavation of the ruins is leading him to a new discovery which may have been linked with the sacking of the Temple in Jerusalem. Is this the source of the fantastic wealth of the parish priest of the village a century and a half ago?
The climax will be shattering for all of them.

Fantasy & SF
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01 januari 2020

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