The Tyrant's Tomb

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April 8th. According to the hideous driver's license my Father, Zeus, saddled me with when he changed me from the awesome god Apollo to the pathetic mortal Lester, that's my new birthday. The same day the emperors Caligula and Commodus plan to attack Camp Jupiter, the training ground for Roman demigods. Oh, and did I mention it's also the blood moon, when an evil king intends to unleash his army of the undead upon us, too? And the guest of honor is the Cumaean Sibyl, who has an ax to grind with (on) me. It promises to be a bash everyone will want to miss. Especially me.
My demigod allies - Hazel, Frank, Reyna, and the entire Roman legion - are preparing for battle. Ella the harpy, with the help of Tyson, her Cyclops friend, is searching for prophetic hints from the Sibylline Books. The camp's healers are trying their best to cure a stubborn infection I received from a ghoul's claw. But all this aid is not going to be enough to compensate for my weakness...
It may finally be time for me to call home. But will anybody on Mount Olympus pick up?
Young adult
The Trials of Apollo (4)
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24 september 2019

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