The Winterlake Haunting


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They won't let you leave... A year after a terrible car crash leaves his mother dead, six-year-old Noel is brought to an old cottage next to a picturesque lake for the winter. His father Walter has fallen on hard times and says they have to live at Winterlake until the money comes in from his contract work. It was downright suspicious how cheap the asking price was, and sure, there are bullet holes in the walls and bed sheets stained red. But that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the place, does it? Except Noel can see and hear things his father can't. The rattling attic door. The piano that seems to play itself. The butcher in the kitchen who's all too familiar with a knife. Soon, the old inhabitants of the house don't seem so dead and gone. But as Noel tries to convince his father they have to leave, Walter spirals into drinking and depression over his financial situation. The ghosts are delighted at their new guests and their plans for them, and they don't want them to leave. Which is lucky, because a huge snow storm approaches, threatening to bury Noel and Walter with them... +

Fantasy & SF
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15 april 2018

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